Pilates CDs

Practice at Home/Anywhere!

Want to be able to continue your Pilates practice in between classes? Then the perfect way to do that is to use my exclusive Pilates CDs.

There are four Pilates CDs that I have produced so you can continue your Pilates practice at home, or on the move (by downloading to your iPod for instance). Each CD is six classes in one with each class carefully balanced.

It is just like having Ken in your home teaching you the class. You will still receive all the cues and prompts that you have been accustomed to, and reminders of body position and possible mistakes you might be making.

The CDs are available in sets of two. The first set is Fundamentals and the second set is for Continuing students and are more advanced with more options building upon the Fundamental CDs. Each set of two CDs is priced at $20.

Both sets can be purchased at the special price of $35.

Note: The CDs are downloadable files. They are not physical CDs.

Upon purchase you will also receive the code for accessing the downloads.

For information on what is included on each CD, just click the links below. This also contains information on programming in each of the six classes for each CD. Even if you do not own the CDs, the links are great for doing your own class at home!

Pilates Fundamental CD1 information

Pilates Fundamental CD2 information

Pilates Continuing CD1 information

Pilates Continuing CD2 information