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We specialise in Pilates matwork classes and outdoor Personal Training to help you attain and maintain your health.

Pilates is offered in a mat class format at various venues and workplaces around Canberra.

If you are interested in a class being held in your workplace click here.

Ken Telfer is a fully qualified Pilates Instructor (Cert IV in Fitness Pilates) as well as a fully qualified Personal Trainer (Cert IV). He is fully registered with Fitness Australia, fully insured and qualified in First Aid.

Payment Online for Term 3 available now!

Term 3 2019 dates for all classes: Commence Monday 22 July (Week 1 of the ACT School Term) for ten weeks until Friday 27 September. 

Note: No Mid-term break.

Terms 3 and 4 will be ten week terms!

Term 4 2019 dates for all classes: Commence Monday 14 October (Week 1 of the ACT School Term) for ten weeks until Friday 20 December. 

Note: No Mid-term break.


Dept of Education at 50MC

Tuesday 12.15pm (half Matwork/half Fitball) 

Note: All classes are an hour in duration.


Personal Training can be done in your home, outdoors or in a fitness centre one-on-one or in a small group (2-4 people).

Discover the fun and enjoyment of training with a top personal trainer who is dedicated to you reaching your goals in the most time efficient and safe manner.



Article of the Week

I am regularly asked "what is the best type of exercise to lose weight/get fit, etc". The simple answer is the best exercise or activities for you, are the things you enjoy.

If you have a sport you enjoy playing, especially if it is a team sport which you play with friends, you aren't going to feel like you are exercising, you are simply doing something you enjoy, and you will look forward to it.

Training with a friend or a group is a great way for you and them to stay motivated. The accountability of knowing someone else will be turning up for the walk/run/swim/cycle/whatever, is sometimes all the motivation you need to keep up your exercise regime. Of course, the social aspect can't be underestimated, too. Just don't get carried away with the after match drinks!

Similarly, if you have activities, such as dancing, that you enjoy, you will also get a great workout.

On the other hand, if you love swimming, but hate running, for example, then it is difficult to keep up an exercise program if that is based on lots of running. This is especially true for children.

Listen to yourself. You know what you like and what you don't like. Find something you enjoy, and make exercise fun, not a chore.

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Tel (mobile) 0414 293 669

Email: ken@informpt.com.au



“I have learnt more in the past few months with Ken than in all my previous years of training. My technique and fitness have improved in leaps and bounds and there is still no sign of slowing down-with Ken the sky’s the limit!”
- Geoff Foster, 45yrs, Public Servant

“I have no hesitation in recommending Ken to anyone who wants to improve their fitness, lose weight, find out how to develop healthy eating and life style habits, learn correct weight training and aerobic training technique. Thank you very much Ken for all of your guidance and support and helping me achieve my goals.”
- Paul O’Dwyer, 35yrs, CEO DeakinKM Pty Ltd

"I felt comfortable with Ken from our first meeting. I really look forward to our weekly workouts because Ken maintains my motivation.”
- Denise Dunn, 46 yrs, Army officer

“Ken has enabled me to achieve levels of strength and fitness I felt were unattainable. He is extremely encouraging and always mindful of my goals and how best we can achieve them. My workout program is very varied to ensure that my interest and progress in maintained. Ken is personable, professional and totally focussed on his work. My PT sessions with him have really been the best investment in me. I recommend him highly.”
- Kim Ristic, 36yrs, Mother of three